Do you want to buy high quality guitar straps? Don’t look any further! Every beautiful guitar deserves a stunning strap. You will finish your amazing look with an Overdrive Strap for your guitar. Overdrive Straps are made with premium quality. They are also handmade guitar straps. All of the high quality guitar straps are made out of tough full-grain leather, the highest quality strap materials and other beautiful retro fabrics. Overdrive Strap do not only look amazing, they are also built to last very long. They will last even through your wildest Rock ‘n Roll gigs!

Types of high quality guitar straps

Overdrive Straps has a lot of different high quality guitar straps on their website. You can buy these amazing guitar straps for affordable prices. Overdrive Straps different types of straps:

  • Retro straps. The ”Retro Fabric Straps” from Overdrive Straps are amazing seatbelt straps which are decorated with a lot of beautiful fabrics. They are handmade out of the best materials on earth. The retro straps from Overdrive Straps are really eye catching and are built to last. You can check out the many customization options that are available for the straps on the Overdrive Straps website!
  • Leather straps. The Full Leather Straps from Overdrive Straps are fully handmade and made out of very strong durable full-grain leather which is amazing. The Full Leather Straps from Overdrive Straps are available in different leather colors, plain or possible with beautiful retro prints sewn on or cool pins. You can check out all the amazing customization options for the straps. They are super sturdy, super comfortable and real stunners to look at too! So, these are the perfect high quality guitar straps for you!

Besides amazing high quality guitar straps, Overdrive Straps also offers amazing seatbelt straps, camera straps, different kinds of accessories and of course you can buy gift cards from Overdrive Straps to surprise a friend of family member. 

Who are Overdrive Straps?

Overdrive Straps is an amazing company which sells different products like high quality guitar straps. Overdrive Straps were born out of an amazing passion for music and guitars. With a very picky taste for amazing quality guitar gear, we were disappointed by the lack of sturdy and good looking guitar straps. This brought Overdrive Straps into life in 2015. Each high quality guitar strap from Overdrive Strap is handmade with the most amazing care at our workshop in the Netherlands, Europe. The materials we use for our amazing products are coming from the Netherlands, USA and Germany. Overdrive Straps are made by power duo Cissie and Justus. They are both greatly inspired by rock music and started to play instruments at a very young age. This magic duo from Overdrive Strap came together at a school. They met each other when they both started to play in the same high school band. Justus is a graduate engineer now, which is the reason why the straps from Overdrive Straps are pretty darn well designed and put together. Cissie is a popular YouTube star. She gets over millions of views on amazing music videos. Together they make high quality guitar straps.

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