There are in fact many advantages of opening a Dutch Holding Company. In this article I want to show you why it might be good for you to look at the possibilities of opening a Dutch Holding Company. Many entrepeneurs are not aware of the options you have by opening a Dutch Holding Company. It can be very interesting to see why and how you can set up a company in the Netherlands. In this article I will guide you trough al the steps and pro’s. For more information you can look at the website

Why should I open a Dutch Holding Company? 

Below I listed some of the positive point of opening a Dutch Holding Company. There are many more! Just a few benefits you should be aware of as an entrepeneur: 

  • Low taxes
  • minimal overhead
  • Establishment is realy easy!

Taxes for Dutch Holding Companies are significantly reduced, since a Holding Company is not a fully operating business. Also, the dividend tax in the Netherlands is fixed so you know exactly what you should expect from opening a Dutch Holding company. It easy, the legislation is clear and with a little help you set up your Dutch Holding Company in a second. They can help you very well at Intercompany Solutions. The people there help you to set up a company in a few days. This gives you as an entrepeneur time to take care of other things, while setting up your company is taken care of by real professionals! 

Why should I set up my company at Intercompany solutions? 

If you want to set up a Dutch Holding Company, you should look no further. It’s really easy to let this be done by the people of intercompany Solutions. They do this on a daily basis and have all the knowledge to help you with your company in the Netherlands. They know all about the taxes, legislation, overhead and the establishment. It cannot be easier for you to set up your company with this party! In the Netherlands, the minimum tax rate on dividend tax is 25%. However, there are some exeptions that might be interesting. Also for you! So contact the people from Intercompany Solutions right away for there advice and ask them about the possibilities. On their website, you can Always contact an expert about all your questions about setting up a Dutch Holding Company. They can also tell you everything about the advantages of the Dutch tax system. Ten of these advantages are listed on the website of Intercompany Solutions. Also, there is much more information on their website about taxes, the climate for business, personnel, the positions in the world and the position within the EU. Also, as an entrepeneur you should think about the type of formation you should choose for your Dutch company. There are a few possibilities, like a BV or a NV. The differences between the different forms are sometimes small, but might be important for you to know about. Contact your expert at Intercompany Solutions to help you out! 

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