Looking for quality machinery? Evers offers passive tillage equipment in a large product range. Farmers always need good tillage machines to work with. It is important to have some working material that is durable and can carry a lot of weight. If you search for ‘tillage machines’ on Google, Evers Agro will be the first link you find. It already exists for more than half a century!
The kind of work that you can do with a tillage machine, consists of stirring, digging and overturning. You do this to prepare the soil for agriculture in various ways. How big the machine should be, depends on the scare of farming and gardening. Tillage can also refer to the land that is tilled. There is some overlap with the word cultivation. Tillage has some positive and some negative effects, but mainly the positive effects overrule the negative ones. It loosens the top layer of the soil, which makes the crop grow easier. The tillage machines can be used for all kinds of tractors ranging from 40 until 600 HP. We sell all kinds of machines such as:

  • subsoilers
  • cultivators
  • vario-discs

Red is the typical color for our tillage machines, in that way you can recognize them. We not only sell new, but also used tillage machines. The tillage machines can be custom-made and adapted to the needs of your agricultural company. Please contact us if you like to receive more information. Our specialized employees can provide you with all the answers to your questions. On our website you can find our contact details.

Tillage machines: a typical Dutch invention

Holland is a country of farmers. Even though more and more people are living in the big cities in the so-called ‘Randstad’, there are still many farms. The fields with cows are just as typical for Holland as windmills. In our country produce all kinds of agricultural products ranging  from tomatoes, potatoes, corn, tulips and all kinds of other flowers. For the distribution and sales, we look a lot further than our own borders. We have a big export rate. Therefore the Dutch are specialized in agriculture products. Our tillage machines are well known all over the world.
Some hundred years ago, farmers worked with animals on the land, such as horses and donkeys, to help carry heavy products. Luckily at this moment in time, farming became more and more modernized. We can use tillage machines and we don’t have to put the animals to work anymore.
Our company is very open to feedback of customers, therefore our products are continuously improved. This is important because the tillage machine production is a field of work that is changing and modernizing rapidly. To keep the machinery up to date, we need to know how these products are used.

For different types of work, Gevers offers a machine. Some examples of these machines are slurry injectors, grassland maintenance and pressing rollers. Among others, maintaining your grassland can be a lot of work, this is especially something that you would like a machine to do for you. It saves you time and money. We are not only specialized in agricultural machinery. We make other types of constructions as well. Next to tillage machines our company also makes steel construction and installation work. Examples of this are heating, plumbing, electrical installations and air-conditioning.
Our company goes back a long time. Already more than 60 years ago, in 1961, Johann Evers founded it. His first profession was blacksmith. Next to this work he begun to produce subsoilers. In this position he invented the curved, little traction required, round tine which is now become famous. At this moment in time, 40 years later, the subsoilers with curved tines (of course in its adapted form for today’s tractors) this invention is still sold in large quantities. Those early years were also the period when potato cars and hoeing tools were produced. There weren’t any nationwide sales activities developed yet in that period, the equipment was only sold in the near area. Later on the tillage machines would be sold worldwide.

Collaboration with end users

In 1982 the company presented itself for the first time on the Dutch agricultural exhibition which takes place in Amsterdam. That was the starting point of the realization of nationwide distribution of tillage machines. The turnover was increasing constantly in the years that followed. The wishes of our customers is something much attention is paid to and from that moment on a series of well-made machines is designed. With the increasing of the product range, the company collaborated intensively with end users. In 1990 Evers was split up into three different companies, which are officially called Evers Agro (agricultural machinery), Evers Steel Construction (steel structures) and Evers Installation (installation work).

Other changes followed. In 1999 Evers Agro was relocated to Almelo, on an industrial area. A production hall for the tillage machines and a modern office are now a part of the company. Because of this, the production of tillage machines is modernized and we are well-prepared to adapt to all the new developments. Throughout history the area of Twente in the east of Holland, close to Germany. is famous for its many industries, such as textile production. Nowadays there is a plastics industry and a smart industry, and, not to forget, there are many agricultural companies.

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